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Create clarity & drive results with your events

What is the Event Strategy Framework?

Events are complex in the absence of clear direction and purpose. The Event Strategy Framework is a free online tool that can help solve this.

The Problem with Event Planning

Many event teams get caught up with living in the details and not the vision for the event. Between meeting executive expectations, planning without direction, avoiding group think, and managing vendors, event planning can be exhausting at best. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Planning with the Events Strategy Framework

Creating a clear overarching Event Strategy Framework will give you the tools to manage up with confidence, even in the midst of change. Using our event strategy template will make your event planning more focused on the objectives and creativity to drive results, rather than on the grueling process. Read the steps below and get started!

Create your framework by using our Event Strategy template

To get started on creating your Event Strategy Framework, click the button below and answer the guided questions in the fields provided. By the end, you will have a clear event strategy brief to present executives for buy-in, as well as your events team for motivation and execution. Consider this your ‘North Star’ to reference throughout the development of your event, from ideation to full production.


Start with your company's purpose.


Identify your desired corporate change.


Map your attendees' needs & position.


Craft your experience vision & design.


Create clarity with your new Events Strategy Framework.


Empower your teams with a clear strategy.

The Event Strategy Framework was created by Unbridled to help drive more purpose-driven events. Unbridled is a full-service, event management, production, and creative company whose purpose is to connect companies with their people through transformative experiences. The Event Strategy Framework helps organizations create more connected events, both in the results and in the planning.